Hey, this is exciting. It’s kind of cool to be able to reach out to interested parties. You are interested, right? Anyway, I’m in City X. Yeah, I can’t say where I am exactly, but it’s a third-tier city where it rains a lot and the poor population lives in Ktown. Guess where I am? Ha! I got here about two weeks ago which is about as long as I stay anywhere. As you know, the Triads and a medical company are after me. Well, I say, medical company, but they don’t even have a website. Anyway, It’s been a months since I fled Rijau and that doctor who’s after me, but I’m definitely not taking this lying down.

Right now, I’m looking out my window after midnight and the rain is slow and steady. Big puddles in the street and I’m always checking out for some movement in a dark alley or the shadow under an awning. Never quite know when SB will show up. Nothing tonight. So far.

Back to not taking this lying down. Being on the run it may look like I’m desperate, but actually, like today I lifted a wallet from a super richie and sold it to some fences who live under a highway underpass in big truck. Anyway, that was 540 bancors. Yes!  I use this to buy information. Well, sure, there’s food and stuff, but I made contact with, Frimpter, a guy on the dark web. He’s in the UK I think. He spells color: colour. Brit for sure. Guy’s been teaching me to hack, but he’s part of a group called pyncH that sells super high level hacking services. For the past month, I’ve been their client. First thing I asked them was to find out about who the doctor is who’s chasing me. When the doctor first had me (read the book), I was told they were SunGen. Of course, there’s not much information about them since they were carrying out illegal drug trials and stuff, but this past week, pyncH cracked a government database and found SunGen is on a watch list for some government organization. pyncH got the reports, but the name of the doctor and other stuff I’d like to know was blacked out. So pyncH is back to digging again. Get it? The doctor has his own hackers looking for any trace of me online and three times in four months they found me. Obviously, I got away, but it was close the last time.

Which brings me to you. Do you really like where you are? Just asking. This is really about how it is that I’m looking out the window kind of trapped from having a normal life, but thinking right now, this minute is okay. The reason why is that I’m my own boss. No one is telling what to do. Doesn’t matter if I make mistakes. I answer to myself. So I’m guessing you’re like that. Freedom. It’s a big deal. Get some.

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