It’s been a week since I last wrote you. I’ve moved again, but this time just from the hotel I was in not another city. pyncH found a safe house for me. It’s a basement apartment right next to KTown on one side and an industrial park on the other. Over the past 4 months relocating every few months, I’ve drifted north.  Like a thousand miles north. Late fall is cold up here, so when I move next, it will be to the subtropical South. Maybe Taiwan or the Nuw Territories.

Today’s blog is about hacker fashion, romance, and one martial arts move that will disable an attacker in two seconds. It starts with hackers. They have their own society. Not in North America more like in Eastern Europe and parts of South Asia. India has some razor sharp hackers, but they don’t have any underground culture. They worship cows. To be fair, cows do a lot of work for our benefit and are all assassinated by us without a moo. So back to fashion. Hacker get togethers have been in two of the cities I’ve landed in. You know, a scene. The latest thing is New gen hackers have somehow gotten E4military jump suits. This is made by the Israeli’s. The material is super light, and is also a battery. Completely waterproof. The accessories are all the wearable computer things you’d expect, but before I totally tech out, I have to say that the E4 rig goes for about 18k Bancors. Quick exchange rate for you: One bancor is = to USD $1.28.  Yeah.

Being on the run, I don’t go out much, especially with all the millions of security cameras on a national database, but sometimes I have to take the risk or die of boredom sitting in an apartment/hotel/hostel/under a truck. I hear about this hacker hangout and on Friday night head over. The club, Place, is a street. An alleyway with four shops now turned into individual areas of the club. Place is packed. They’re having a fashion show.

So, these are all stolen E4s on the black market, but the new hackers, including a bunch of girls with mad skills in math, mix the E4s up with their own stuff. They turned the bar into a runway for their stuff and it’s weird cool, until this one girl with muscles struts it with a spanking top and belt I swear I will steal if she gets within ten feet of me. She sees me staring at her until a crowd comes in and blocks our view. I buy a drink.

Down the bar I see this guy. He’s got a t-shirt that says pyncH. Those are the UK hacker guys who are helping me! I introduce myself. Big surprise hugs and all that stuff cause even though the guy, Phil, has the t-shirt, he’s doesn’t work for pyncH. But he does know Frimpter my main hacker contact! Phil is a bit drunk and kind of bobs around splashing malt liquor on the floor maybe getting to close to me now and then trying way too hard to be serious. But I can handle him. I’m thinking I should go to clubs more often when the weirdest thing happens. I want to take his wallet. And then I think of SB. Sort of hear a clank. I’m just smiling at Phil and seeing how easy it would be to take his wallet. Of course. it would be crazy to do it, but it’s hot in here and Phil has his shirt open and I could just go for it. What do you think?

I move in closer. He finishes the drink and almost falls over a bar stool. I lean into him to prop him up. Wallets in his thigh pocket. I’ll have to get on his other side when WHAD! Phil drops to his knee and then falls over. A hand that reached in and grabbed Phil’s drink as he went down is attached to Muscle Girl. Phil groans. She tells me he’ll be alright. Not sure if she’s joking but she says she used the Koi move. I ask if that’s Kung Fu and she tells me it’s a new form of martial arts. Phil gets up, he’s pretty shaky. Muscle girl sees we’re together. She starts to go, so I ask what the new Martial Arts is called. “Konclusion” she says.

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